Decorating Candles

I love lighting candles in winter, they give  off a cozy, calming glow that is so special this time of year. And I like to decorate them and give them as gifts. It’s such a simple handwork project, so I thought I’d share how I do it.

I start with a candle and some colored decorating wax. I find simple, unscented pillar candles at Ikea and I have a box of Stockmar decorating wax. I ordered mine here, but most Waldorf school supply shops will sell decorating beeswax.

Pillar candle and Stockmar decorating wax

I take bits of wax and warm them in my hands until they are easily mashed and shaped.

Decorating wax

Then I press the wax onto the candle.

Finished candle

So simple and satisfying to make.

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