Monster Month Update

My goal for Monster Month was to make 31 little monster finger puppets, one for every day in October. Well, I got to 10 and I think it’s time to stop because there are these mittens that are just dying to be knitted and holiday gifts aplenty to work on. I think what I’ll do with these little monster friends is to mail them, one at a time, to people I know who might need them. Do you need one? Plead your case.

Sheryl likes surprises, Comfort Plus dental floss, and company softball games

Dinah is a jazz singing bubble bath aficionado

This is Blister. He can’t remember the 80’s








This is Denise. She likes yogurt. She’s had kind of a hard life

And the rear view

This is Otis, he is in second grade. He wants to be a fire fighter








Nancy works in HR

Andy works in IT Support Services

He’s working through some anxiety issues








Sutton is a burlesque dancer from Portland, OR. Also a freegan

Robert is a craft butchery enthusiast

Mr. Velasquez will give you a detention if you are late to class

7 thoughts on “Monster Month Update

  1. Blister looks like he would be a bad influence on your young impressionable son. I think he should come live with me.

  2. Oh no! I’ve loved them. If no one claims Otis, he’d make a great spot on my desk, inspiring me to keep making stuff. (Or if you put them on Etsy, I bet people would scoop them up for Halloween!)

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