Renate Hiller

I’m still working away on my tiny monsters. It’s so fun to have a quick project completed every night. I’m planning on sharing an update with lots of photos on Monday.

But today, I thought I’d share this wonderful video from Renate Hiller on the value of handwork:

“…and in handwork, in transforming nature we also make something truly unique that we have made with our hands, stitch by stitch, that maybe we have chosen the yarn, we have even spun the yarn — even better, and that we have designed. And when I do that, I feel whole.”

6 thoughts on “Renate Hiller

  1. This was really beautiful. I’ve been struggling a little with the time I spend cross-stitching b/c it’s not a lot, and lately when I’ve stitched I’ve felt like it’s been keeping me from moving forward in my graphic design career. But this was really great to help me remember why I love cross-stitch, and that it’s important for me to work with my hands and spend time doing something I really love. And that’s never a waste of time.

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