A Tomten Jacket

I was looking for a simple knitting pattern that didn’t really require much thought. The kind of meditative knitting that I could do after a day of caring for my extremely active toddler. So I turned to Elizabeth Zimmermann. I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love Elizabeth Zimmermann. Her approach to knitting is very practical and her writing is spunky and engaging. Her story is really interesting too, I recommend Knitting Around for her autobiography.

Tomten Jacket from Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann

I decided to try her Tomten Jacket pattern from Knitting Without Tears. This is a great book, and the Tomten pattern is very very simple. My little tomte is not a fan of hoods so I added a little jacket collar instead.

Tomten JacketThe yarn I used was a very sturdy natural brown worsted weight wool from Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney, Vermont. It was so nice and sturdy that whenever Malcolm’s curious little paws pulled out the needles, the stitches stayed exactly where they were and I was able to just put the needles right back in. I love this yarn so much I want to go visit the sheep it came from. I used a little  orange worsted weight Lamb’s Pride for the trim and my size 5 wooden knitting needs.

Tomten JacketFinding a jacket zipper the right color and length was tricky. I finally found one at the Windsor Button going out of business sale (a terrible blow to us Boston knitters). I wasn’t sure how Malcolm would feel about the jacket, it is a bit scratchy. But he loves it! He finds it wherever it is and drags it out. I consider this project a success! And what’s sweeter than a baby in hand-knits?


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