Friendship Bracelets

“2013 Creative Pay-It-Forward: The first five people to comment on this status will receive from me, sometime in the next calendar year, a gift – a surprise (something handmade)! There will likely be no warning and it will happen whenever the mood strikes me.”

Way back in January this project was going around Facebook and I just couldn’t help myself, I had to participate. Two of my favorite things to do are making crafts and mailing packages. I thought for a long time about what I might make for the five friends who signed up and finally came up with friendship bracelets. It was July and and it seemed appropriate to do a really classic summer craft project.

Art supply shopping is another favorite activity of mine, especially when it’s something as inexpensive as embroidery floss. And pairing up colors for friendship bracelets is lots of fun. I was thinking about the ocean when I put these colors together:

Friendship Bracelets

Nothing says “camp” to me quite like pinning a friendship bracelet to your jeans. Of course I discovered that it is easier to keep out of the hands of curious toddlers when you pin it to a sturdy throw pillow.

I found a simple tutorial for a chevron stripe pattern here and some gorgeous inspiration here.

Friendship Bracelets

I originally thought I could whip up five bracelets in a couple of weeks, but on Mommy Time that translates to three months. Oops!

Once they were done, I had some fun bedazzling them because extra sparkle never hurt anyone.

Friendship Bracelets

I also added some closures. There is a good demo for that here.

And VOILA! I kind of love they way they look all together.

Friendship Bracelets

Then I got to the best part: putting them all in envelopes and mailing them to friends. Yay!

Friendship Bracelets

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  1. I absolutely love these! I have everything except the clasps, which I am going to get. Thanks for the inspiration on how to close them. 🙂

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