Stitched Greeting Cards

Ever since I turned 30, my age has been shocking me every single year. And this year more than ever I just can’t ignore it any more, the fact is I’m A GROWNUP. I should have realized it years ago when I decided that sensible shoes were “cool”, staying up past 10 is exhausting, and I liked NPR. NPR! But the upside is, being this old means I’ve known my best friends for almost 30 years. And these amazing ladies decided to get on a bus for five hours to come visit me for my birthday this weekend. They came up so that they could take me out for manicures and cocktails. I mean, do friends get better than that?

I decided I had to send thank-you cards, so yesterday I sat down with some blank cards, black pens, colored pencils, a needle and thread and got to work.

Stitched Cards

I really like the final product, although I think I will make the letters larger next time for more even stitches.

Stitched Cards

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