Valentine Garland

A friend of mine once told me that whether she was with someone or not, she planned to spend every Valentine’s Day treating herself to all the things she liked best: favorite movies, favorite foods, favorite flowers. Treat. Yo. Self. I love the idea that Valentine’s Day can be about showing yourself some love.

A few years ago I decided that for Valentines Day, I wanted to make a pretty heart garland for the house. I sat in the living room surrounded by pretty red and pink craft supplies, stitching and glueing – that is my idea of heaven. It was such a fun project, I thought I’d share it here.

Valentine Garland


hot glue
red felt
red ribbon
red thread
beads, jewels, etc.
beading needle
sewing needle
toy filling

Valentine Garland

1. Double up your felt and cut out hearts of varying sizes.

2. Cut a long piece of red ribbon and if you’d like to have beads between your hearts, string them on.

3. Lay out the back piece of each heart as you’d like them to be on the garland. I chose to have the largest heart in the middle and the smallest ones on the ends.

4. Place these pieces so that the ribbon lies on top of them and then glue them in place with your hot glue.

5. Take the top pieces and start decorating them with your beads and jewels and ribbons. This is my favorite part, I tried to make each one different.

6. Sew your heart tops to the heart backs that are attached to the ribbon. Stuffing them with a tiny bit of filling just before closing them up.

7. Tie loops in the ends of your garland and hang it up!

Valentine GarlandWhat are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day crafts?



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