Crafting with a Caffeinated Raccoon in the House

I have found that crafting with a toddler around can be almost impossible. They’re like raccoons after four Americanos: super high energy and into EVERYTHING. Now don’t get me wrong, I look forward to doing lots of fun crafty things with my boy as he gets older and even collaborate on projects together like this amazing mom. But 2 year olds are very limited in the tools and materials they can safely use so I came up with this very very simple solution to doing arts and crafts when you have a toddler. Are you ready? Here it is:

Mom's Craft Board

A really big cutting board.

Amazing right? Really cutting edge. A real slice of heaven. It has opened up a whole new chop-ter in my life. (Ok. Sorry. I’ll cut it out).

The great thing about this is that I can move it around. I can set up my project and work at the kitchen counter and if Malcolm starts to go “full spider monkey”, I can just put it away in another room or on a higher shelf, no cleanup required. Then it’s ready for me to work at again when I get a chance.

Mom's Craft Board

Not long after I came up with this mind-blowing invention, I read a post by Abby Glassenberg where she suggests using a tray. Genius! a large tray would keep little things like beads and pins from rolling off. I think I’ll look for a large serving tray at Goodwill as soon as this %$#@* snow melts.