Thoughts on Winter

My high school biology teacher had a small mummified dog in his classroom. He kept it on a high shelf where it creepily presided over his classes. One day he carefully took it down to show us. He enthusiastically explained to us about how the dog had crawled under a porch and died one winter and that the extremely cold and dry temperatures had perfectly preserved it. I think that’s about all I remember from high school biology, other than the stamens and pistons and whatnot of the flower of course.

I mention that crusty, contorted little dog because I’m pretty sure I’m being slowly mummified. This winter has been so cold and so dry and so gray. Everything feels brittle. I tried practicing intarsia and this is what came out:


It’s time for some bright, cheerful projects.

How are you getting through this last rattling cough of winter?

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Winter

  1. That dog now resides in my back room and I bring it out occasionally and retel Manley’s story!

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