Did you ever read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban? Well I’ve come to the conclusion that February always feels like you’re surrounded by a bunch of dementors, the creatures that suck all the light and happiness out of you and “sort of freeze your insides”. And thank goodness it’s over. The weather is changing and the plants are starting to wake up. I see lots of mentions of maple syruping, something I would LOVE to try someday.

With the warmer weather we’ve been getting out a little more. Last week we took a walk to Goodwill, my favorite place to hunt for used books. I was so excited to find a copy of Masterpieces of American Indian Art by Gilbert T. Vincent. I have always been a huge fan of Native American handwork and culture. I even took a class on the Lakota Sioux in college which turned out to be one of the most heartbreaking classes I’ve ever taken.

Masterpieces of American Indian Art has gorgeous photos including this Navajo serape which I am pretty obsessed with:

Navajo Serape

And this beautiful beaded Kiowa cradle:

Kiowa CradleIt reminded me of the moccasin making class I took in New York a few years ago. Making shoes from scratch was really interesting, and hand sewing leather was a totally new experience. I had not taken a look at the moccasins I made in quite a while, so I pulled them out of the closet.

Handmade MoccasinsFringe! Fur! Leather! Beading! What a great class. I added the beading when I got home and had access to all my supplies.

Moccasin BeadingWhat a fun project!

Looking back at my old handwork projects always inspires me to keep working and trying new things.