Wine Cork Printing

I started saving wine corks a year ago after I saw a few images on Pinterest of people using them as tiny stamps. And I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’ve got a lot of wine corks now. So when I was sending out my friendship bracelets, I thought I’d try making some wine cork stamped cards to go with them.

I started with an exacto knife and a bunch of corks. The synthetic wine corks turned out to be the easiest to carve.

Wine Cork Printing

I dipped them in some cheap-o art paints I had,

Wine Cork Printing

Wine Cork Printing

and started printing.

Wine Cork Printing

Wine Cork Printing

Wine Cork Printing

This was a lot of fun and an excellent excuse for buying more wine. IT’S FOR MY ART!


Block Printing, Hello

Fall is my favorite season, so it feels like the perfect time to kick off a new project: my Handwork blog. This blog will be dedicated to my love of handwork, my own work, inspiration from others, and who knows what else. I’m excited to have a place to share something I’m really passionate about.

I’ll start this thing off with my first experiment with printing. I absolutely love block prints. Ever since my mom took me to see Bread and Puppet (probably in the late 80’s? Yipes that’s a long time ago), I’ve been drawn to the rough, folk art appeal of block printing.

Here is a (sexy) example of the Bread and Puppet art:

(it’s printed on muslin and seriously needs pressing)

I’ve never actually tried block printing myself. So last weekend I decided to give it a shot. And it was SO MUCH FUN! Also, way easier than I ever expected. Some of the the lessons I learned in the process are: carve words and letters backwards, it will take a number of tries before you get it right, and carve deeper than you think you should.

There is a great tutorial here: Swedish Dala Horse Block Print Tutorial

For my little block printing experiment I thought I’d make a print for the title banner at the top of the blog. After sketching out some ideas, I decided to draw free-hand directly on the block to give it a hand-made quality.

then I carefully carved it out

inked it up

 and VOILA!

I highly recommend trying this, it was a lot of fun and super easy.